Updating the map in a dnx 5120

To enter this mode and other screens the Key Presses are shown below.Please note, USE WITH CAUTION.* TESTMODE: EJECT FNC RESET* SPAN: NAV EJECT RESET* E2P CLEAR: SRC NAV RESET* OPENING: SRC EJECT RESET (This feature allows you to change the Startup Screen)* SHOP On: EJECT TEL RESET* SHOP Off: SRC RESET* RDS TEST: EJECT ATT RESET Custom Startup The Startup screen (VW, Seat or Skoda Logo) can be changed on the DNX520VBT.However, smartphone control from the Multimedia Receiver is limited to a single finger operation like Tap/ Double Tap/ Long Tap/ Swipe.Operation that requires two or more fingers such as Pinch-in/ Pinch-out/ Multi-tap are unavailable.then release the RESET button and still hold in the SRC EJECT button until the Startup screen selection loads.You will be shown two options, Kenwood Image or OEM Image.Album Art images as a separate image in the Album Folder are not supported.

It is available here Once you have copied across your audio files to the USB device, run Fat sorter."KENWOOD Smartphone Control" is a function in which the video image of an Android device can be displayed on the KENWOOD Multimedia Receiver and can be controlled from an Multimedia Receiver's touch panel.All applications on the Android device can be operated from the Multimedia Receiver.As this may not be compatible due to increased data file size. ► Click here to visit the Garmin website for map updates.The Kenwood DNX520VBT Navigation Receiver is a "full-featured Entertainment and Navigation system with USB Direct Control for i Pods or other portable music devices built purposely for VW, SEAT and Skoda Vehicles." It features built-in Garmin GPS navigation and includes maps of the Europe.HOME / BACK / TASK Key will be displayed on the Multimedia Receiver's screen, and can be moved within the screen by dragging.

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