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Back then, Palestinian leader Arafat had a Black American mistress who was also a porn star. The following year, when Osama Bin Laden released me, he gave me a farm in Kenya and a house in South Africa.

Though I didn’t want or like Bin Laden…two other men that I’d dated during my era as an actress-model in North Africa were also billionaires…of them married a Black woman, the other married a Korean. So, you see, this is the other side of the coin…one that isn’t talked about.

Keep in mind, despite their mixed reception among some fans, these types of episodes can be well-regarded. Has nothing to do with Superman's reverse counterpart.

Landon, 33, was born Ansley Landon Clements in Georgia.

After going to the College of Charleston (during which time she met Southern Charm castmate Shep Rose) she moved to Telluride, Colorado to ski and met James Maby when she was 24.

In a word, this phenomenon has been called "colorism." Colourism can also come down to a latent class bias: worldwide, lighter skin (relative to one's own people) has typically been associated with wealth and lounging around indoors, and darker with poverty and working in the fields.

Not until the post-war period did the trends start to reverse; the only country not devastated by The War, the USA, led a new trend which saw those with wealth being able to afford extended vacations or holidays, and the sun-induced tans that came with them, while the reduced number of people employed in agriculture meant that poor people were more likely to spend their workdays indoors in factories (or later call centres) instead of out in the fields.

Colourism is a subset of "degreeism" in which members of a marginalized group rank themselves based on how closely they resemble the dominant group.

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