Twitter not updating background


That way, apps launch faster and open with up to date content.

If you’re on a metered cellular data plan, you may want to limit Background App Refresh to Wi-Fi connections in order to prevent this feature from using up your precious cellular data, here’s how.

Select the Wi-Fi option to prevent background refreshing of apps via cellular.5) Close out the Settings app to save the changes. This screen also lists all of the installed apps that support Background App Refresh.

It’s a good idea to selectively disable Background App Refresh for any apps you don’t use often or don’t care about to preserve battery live and optimize your bandwidth consumption.

If is looking a little different right now, it's not just you.

The company has removed wallpapers from users' home and notifications timelines on Monday, Twitter confirmed Monday.

Before i OS 11 came along, background refreshing worked on Wi-Fi and cellular.

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As mentioned, choosing between Wi-Fi and cellular for Background App Refresh requires i OS 11 or later to be installed on your i Phone or cellular-enabled i Pad.

When background images were still around, some users got really clever with branding them by putting their information, logos and other creative imagery along the left or right sides.

You can definitely do something similar with header images.

Users now see a stark all-white background in place of their usual customized backgrounds, when viewing their profile, notifications and main timeline. "Now, background images are only available where logged-in users will see them publicly (Tweet pages, list pages and collections pages).

You can find help center content about customizing your design and where it’s visible on Twitter here." Twitter's preset backgrounds or users' customized wallpapers are replaced with a solid white background that many are calling "blinding white." Previously, users were able to change the background image on their profile, which also showed up as their wallpaper elsewhere on Twitter's website. The company appears to have started to remove backgrounds from new user profiles last year, when profiles were redesigned.

All Twitter profile pages now feature an off-white/gray background and individual tweets don't have dedicated pages anymore when you click to view their details. Despite the death of a longstanding and very unique Twitter feature, there are lots of other things you can customize now that you couldn't back in the day with older Twitter design versions.

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