Submissive women dating

I watch what I eat and drink to keep healthy and stay looking young.Hopefully you d Far North Dallas Texas Dallas Blue Eyes0 48 Man Seeking Women I am a dominant Male who seeks a level headed girl for fun, pleasure and maybe long term relationship.I am not talking about just being sexually submissive, but in everyday things too.

Don't call me old fashioned, I actually respect women.

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I would like to know if there are any guys left that like submissive women????

Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute.......................... Just cause the guy is the "boss" doesnt mean it gives him the right to be mean or disrespect me.

It also doesnt mean that she cant be opinionated at times about things, or have her own ideas.

Some men walk all over their women, which pisses me off, but I often thought that the woman was too submissive. As long as you guys know I was RIGHT to begin with! Being 'submissive' to me, means that the 'best opinion' rules....of the time, when it comes to home repair, car fixing, even some meals...guys have the upper hand... I just think it would be nice for a change to have a MAN instead of the ones I have had experiences with.

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