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– Wiseacre hosts an Adult Prom 90s Dance Party on February 10 from 7 p.m. On the menu: glazed chicken and salmon, penne pasta alfredo, vegetable medley. Memphians love Elvis and barbeque with a passion that must be seen to be believed, but there is so much more to this place.When patronizing the bars of Memphis, there's a fine line between having a reasonably good time and waking up cradling a sandwich next to a stranger.

There are plenty of 190-proof grain-alcohol guarantees that you won't remember the eardrum-busting live music, the tourist couple dressed like Elvis dancing way too close together, or the awkward one-way mirror in the men's room that lets you see into the bar area. Between the SEXY hand stamp, endless 40s of beer, and flowing shots, even the most timid person can end up on the stripper pole at Raiford's.

Frat boys, bewildered tourists, and wedding parties in their dresses and tuxes all share the same fuzzy memories: a light-up disco floor, fog-machine smoke, twinkly lights, the BYOB and cheap pitchers plus karaoke nights, open mics, and an annual "prom" means that there are multiple opportunities for questionable decisions at The Poor and Hungry.

Just don't expect to get booed off stage properly unless you're covered in tattoos and piercings, because this crowd takes hipsters to the next level.

It’s that time of year, when lovers take the spotlight to revel in their togetherness. Acre Amerigo Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen Bari Bounty on Broad Cafe 1912 Capital Grille Catherine & Mary’s Chez Philippe Ecco Erling Jensen Felicia Suzanne’s Flight Folks Folly G.

Whether you want to plan a pleasant romantic dinner, check out live music, or take a chance on something a little more unconventional – like trivia, burlesque shows, or yoga with craft brews – we’ve got you covered. Alston Itta Bena The Kitchen Mc Ewen’s Mesquite Chop House Napa Cafe Paulette’s Restaurant Iris River Oaks Southern Social Strano Texas de Brazil Terrace at the River Inn Tsunami See a show or concert – the final performance of this award-winning romantic musical at Playhouse on the Square.

These 13 places exist solely to help you blur that line and have a so-bad-it-was-good type of night.

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