Romantic dating gestures different


My wife will put toothpaste on my toothbrush when we’re getting ready for bed. No yogurt usually means that’s she’s stressed, so if I don’t have yogurt I try to pick up more of the shared tasks like laundry or mowing. and every one contains like 2-3 pictures of us doing something together, and a letter to suit the situation. Half of them were things I didn’t even realize I did. We’re not dating anymore, but I still hang onto that deck of cards, even though now it just makes me profoundly sad. After a 12 hour shift and hour commute each way I just need to talk to somebody, for a minute or two about my job that I know you don’t care about. Anything to let me know you were thinking about me. And touching me affectionately, like my arms or shoulders or my hair.

I can also tell how she’s feeling by what’s packed. Each one is labeled “Open when you’re happy” or “Open when you’re sad”, “Open when you can’t sleep”, etc. Your SO may not know exactly what you want or need, but as long as they try, that feels nice. If I’m driving and we’re just cruising on the highway and I’ve got my left hand on the wheel I just love it when she holds my right. On Valentine’s Day or maybe it was our anniversary, she gave me a deck of cards labelled “52 Things I Love About You”, and each card had some unique little quirk of mine. I know it might sound condescending, but I don’t mean it that way.

Just out of nowhere, hearing something that they appreciate about me lets me know that 1) they are thinking about me and 2) that they are putting value on my actions and felt inclined to let me know about it.

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Avoid trinket-itis — that is, buying precious little figurines/key chains/etc. If you aren't living together, you definitely keep toothbrushes at both places.

One time I came home to a note on the microwave saying “DEAD DOVE DO NOT EAT jk it’s pizza”.

If I’m walking with a girl and she does the wrap her arms around my arm walk thing. Like I’m there simply to protect her and she feels completely safe with me.

Romantic gestures and tokens of appreciation are not lost on men. We love knowing that the girl we're mad for likes us back.

And we love knowing that she thinks about us when we aren't there.

You may want to give him the Beanie Baby that looks like his childhood dog. This is when you're boyfriend and girlfriend..just barely. You've probably met the folks, and you may even be sending them presents at the holidays.

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