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Mostly an ad site for other sites.-Love is a dog from Hell [defunct]: some interesting folk. interesting woman from it.-Friendster [not a paysite]: is this a dating website? It has a nice profile form, allowing a lot of info in a small space. The person reading the message is under the impression that it is a legitimate email sent out by someone who is truely interested in seeing them.

I have received Spam Women there, but not too many.-Plenty of Fish [not a paysite]: a real mix. This is the only reason most people convert to paid.

They even go as far as changing and editing your profiles to suit them and as to remove any sort of contact communication that you post! the members keep up the great work and good luck to all here.

I still have my profile on there and I am going to leave it open just to keep battling with them for the heck of it and just because I can. All the paid sites advertise "free" service, then want to charge for access to emails or contact with members. Also sounds like their whole business is based on fraud. I am going to have a time with the pay sites , Pack Rat As opposed to what quite a few say in this thread, I feel it is ok to charge a fee for a matchmaking service. Never was contacted except by what looked like foreign wife-agency women.-Matchmaker: pretty interesting site. I talked to a fair number of women.-Nerve personals: this is a really trashy, yet fascinating site. lots of people, seemingly mostly middle-class whites, looking for other middle-class whites. However, I did meet and become good friends with 2 women through it. I have conversed with a number of women and met exactly two.

I do have to thank them for pissing me off and causing me to look for other sites, hence how I found POF! May try this- all those other sites say they will boot you off if you put anything to id yourself. But, that aside, I thought I'd share my experiences with these services. They recently had a radical makeover that's slowly been going back to its former incarnation, due to a v. is--or tries to be--a hip online publication, catering to supposedly suave and sophisticated city folk. sex-oriented, w/ crude language and blatant talk of sexual matters, such as anal intercourse.

Well thinking of going back and changing mine on those others. Also one thing I did was put my picture on Yahoo=and haven't had any responces, LOL. I have used most if not all of the top online matchmaking services, since way back when, off and on. (Before web services were available, I used newspaper personals.) In general, I haven't had much problem w/ false contacts, though I did notice what looked like it on, and possibly American Singles, though that's unverified. If they find something "uncool" about your profile, they reject it w/o saying why! It would appear targeted to young urban-center middle-class people.

All you have to do is read the story that Wildly Delicious has already posted and ditto it exactly for me.

The jerks go out of their way to make sure you can not communicate in any way unless they are gettin paid!

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.

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