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Let’s face it…since we were little girls, reading fairy tales like Cinderella and Snow White, we’ve dreamt of the man who would come into our life, sweep us off our feet and treat us like princesses.

Isn’t this one of the first qualities you often look for in a man you want to date?

That doesn’t mean you’ll feast on fine dining every night but he can hold his own on dates and sometimes you’ll pick up the check or split the bill with him. He has enough money to be comfortable, according to his standards and he makes the time to be present in his life, whether it’s in business, a relationship or time with his kids.

He’s the one who’ll be there to wipe your tears when you’re sad and will share your joys when you’re happy.

I like giving him the label of ‘The Project Man.” He may be a great guy underneath his burdens, but ultimately his problems will overwhelm a relationship and create a tremendous amount of dependence on you.

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A college in America is home to girls of kinetic abilities.The main goal is to teach women what contributions they can make to have successful and more meaningful relationships with their partner.As of the writer, the Woman Men Adore guide is written by Bob Grant.He truly wants to protect and take care of you himself and he will do whatever it takes to make that happen.The “Do It Yourselfer” is financially self-sufficient.As time goes on Adore embraces who she is, but it’s hard to accept the love that she has for her best friend when Courtney doesn’t feel the same.

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