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Jeff Brazier, the father of Jade Goody’s two sons – Bobby and Freddie – has spoken of his shock at the news that the £1million the Reality Star left for her sons could be wiped out by the tax man.

This Morning presenter Jeff said he was “totally stunned” and added that he would do his best to keep the boys in the private school their mum had hoped the money would pay for.

“They go to a private school because that’s what Jade wanted but I am sure they would be just as happy at a state one.” He added: “I know it’s all a mess.

The trouble with Jade, as I know only too well, was that she wasn’t good at taking advice. Her aim was to leave as much as she could for the boys. She was not aware of tax and how it could affect the trust. I just hope they can come to another view about this.

“If the trust does go then I will do my best to pay for their education myself,” said Jeff.

“She made sacrifices for them to go to their school and so will I.

Speaking to He said: “The first thing she did was work out how much it would cost to put the boys through private education until they were 16. “In her last months that was what drove her on, even when she was so weak and in terrible pain. She so desperately wanted them to have the upbringing she had never had.

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"I would be lying if I said that there isn't occasions when living full time with someone else's (teenage) children is both challenging and overwhelming," she wrote on Instagram.In December they met again at a pal’s wedding and immediately clicked.In a Now column in that month, Jeff even gave us a cheeky hint that Nicola, who now runs a fashion company, might be the one’.For three months, we’ve been following Jeff Brazier‘s search for love in his dating column.But now we can reveal that the family man’s finally off the market – after falling for former glamour model and WAG Nicola T."She's the first opinion that I want to ask, and she's the first person that I want to tell my good news to, and I just feel wonderfully grateful to have her." Jeff Brazier's girlfriend Kate Dwyer has spoken candidly about her relationship with his two sons, revealing that while it can be both "challenging and overwhelming", it is also incredibly rewarding.

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