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This is partially due to the image our western society generally has of Man.

Male victims of domestic violence can and are frequently victims of abuse in the home, either at the hands of their female or, in the case of same-sex relationships, their male partner.Downton, Exeter, Bridgwater, Honiton, Cheltenham, Taunton, Evercreech, Barnstaple, Amesbury, Salisbury, Yeovil, Cheddar, Saint Austell, Weymouth, Glastonbury, Calne, Newton Abbot, Truro, Torpoint, Oakley. Im easy going, chatty, but also quiet when i need to be, i like to laugh and sing when im happy,maybe we can sing and laugh together?I turned up to work that morning with blood-stained clothing and had to explain my fragile situation." (Thomas) The reality though is that even if a man is physically attacked by their wives or partners, many men will take a beating rather than hitting back to defend themselves and risk harming their attacker, and even if they do, they are aware that they then risk being accused of being an abuser themselves.But abuse is not always physical, and a lot of men, in common with many women, face daily emotional, verbal and psychological abuse in silence for years, their self-esteem being slowly eroded away, more and more isolated from those around them. A gay victim may be raped by their partner, suffering all the agonies any other rape victim would.Im looking for casual friendship at the moment.nothing serious. Hi im 27 from Shaw Swindon, I am a genuine caring person, i can be a little shy at first, i have a good sense of humor and looking for some one similar, i have a huge passion for my dogs and the outdoors.

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