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Toronto Maple Leafs (A3) Jeff Marek: Maple Leafs in 6 Eric Francis: Bruins in 7 Mark Spector: Maple Leafs in 7 Gord Stellick: Maple Leafs in 6 Colby Armstrong: Bruins in 7 Scott Morrison: Maple Leafs in 7 Kelly Hrudey: Maple Leafs in 7 John Shannon: Bruins in 7 Eric Engels: Bruins in 7 Sean Mc Indoe: Bruins in 6 Christine Simpson: Maple Leafs in 7 Iain Mac Intyre: Bruins in 6 Luke Fox: Maple Leafs in 7 Nick Kypreos: Bruins in 7 David Amber: Maple Leafs in 6 Damien Cox: Maple Leafs in 6 Daren Millard: Maple Leafs in 7 Rory Boylen: Bruins in 6 Chris Johnston: Maple Leafs in 7 Kristina Rutherford: Maple Leafs in 7 Gare Joyce: Maple Leafs in 6 Washington Capitals (M1) vs.

Columbus Blue Jackets (WC1) Jeff Marek: Blue Jackets in 6 Eric Francis: Capitals in 7 Mark Spector: Blue Jackets in 7 Gord Stellick: Capitals in 5 Colby Armstrong: Blue Jackets in 7 Scott Morrison: Capitals in 7 Kelly Hrudey: Blue Jackets in 6 John Shannon: Blue Jackets in 6 Eric Engels: Capitals in 7 Sean Mc Indoe: Capitals in 6 Christine Simpson: Capitals in 6 Iain Mac Intyre: Blue Jackets in 7 Luke Fox: Capitals in 7 Nick Kypreos: Blue Jackets in 7 David Amber: Capitals in 7 Damien Cox: Blue Jackets in 6 Daren Millard: Capitals in 6 Rory Boylen: Blue Jackets in 6 Kristina Rutherford: Capitals in 5 Gare Joyce: Capitals in 7 Pittsburgh Penguins (M2) vs.

The Return: 3 months later, RISE and Klinger have continued to run wild in w Xw.

And at 2018's 16 Carat Gold tournament Klinger would be defending his title against WALTER.

and I’m bringing the next milestone AMA to you all.

What you read is correct, Eric Bischoff is coming to Squared Circle for an AMA this Monday to talk professional wrestling and promote his podcast 83 Weeks!

He moved from Russia to Germany at the age of 5 with just his mother.

They got ridiculed by some locals for not speaking the language and they lived off of next to nothing.

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Jeff Marek: Predators in 4 Eric Francis: Predators in 4 Mark Spector: Predators in 5 Gord Stellick: Predators in 6 Colby Armstrong: Predators in 5 Scott Morrison: Predators in 6 Kelly Hrudey: Predators in 5 John Shannon: Predators in 5 Eric Engels: Predators in 6 Sean Mc Indoe: Predators in 4 Christine Simpson: Predators in 5 Iain Mac Intyre: Predators in 5 Luke Fox: Predators in 5 Nick Kypreos: Predators in 5 David Amber: Predators in 5 Damien Cox: Predators in 5 Daren Millard: Predators in 4 Rory Boylen: Predators in 4 Chris Johnston: Predators in 5 Kristina Rutherford: Predators in 6 Gare Joyce: Predators in 4 Winnipeg Jets (C2) vs.

On w Xw's 17th anniversary show, Ilja had one last shot and the implication around Ilja was that if he didn't win the title this time he'd be done with Pro Wrestling.

And then the unthinkable happened, Ilja got beaten again.

In August, Ilja would finally get a shot for the w Xw World title but also in that match was John Klinger challenging champion Jurn Simmons and Klinger with RISE would become the new champion.

For the rest of the year, Ilja would be chasing Klinger, failing to capture the title from him in various singles and multi-man matches due to Bad Bones' nefarious tactics.

WALTER had earned the right to choose the stipulation and since RISE fly in the face WALTER's and Ringkampf's philosophy all he cared about that night was making sure Klinger didn't leave as champion. Ilja returned to the biggest ovation I've ever seen as the 1500 people packed in Oberhausen's Turbinenhalle lost their fucking minds.

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