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When her mother, the manager of a female dormitory at a small university in Tehran, found out about the relationship, she helped Marjan hide the reality from her father.She advised Marjan to introduce the boy as a mere college classmate, and covered for her when she skipped family engagements to spend time with him.The relationship is risky, as the two have no intention of getting married.However, both say this living situation allows them to "feel normal." But not all of the pair's peers have the chance to lead such lifestyles."I had made a childish rumor, imagining that I took the girl to the bath with me," he says. I just imagined that we were naked and this kind of stuff." But to the Islamic establishment, there was no innocence in the matter.One day in mathematics class, a Basiji barged into Reza's classroom."But we are using the Internet, watching Western movies and satellite TV, so we know that elsewhere things are different.

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He ordered the two boys to stand against the wall, 20 meters apart."He started beating and slapping me, then going over to my friend and kicking him.He kept asking, 'What did you do with your girlfriend, and when?Sitting with friends in his living room in west Tehran, Reza raises a general question: "What do young children in Iran do when they begin to have questions about sex?" "Don't ask me," a man with long, bushy hair and a Dire Straits T-Shirt proclaims proudly."Except for classic sex, in a dark room they will do just about anything else," Reza observes.

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