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Mc Cormick claimed that O’Neil offered to adopt her, taking she and her mother to meet his wife in Omaha.From there the O’Neils took the pair to the family home in Richmond, Virginia, and ultimately raised the Jean in Liverpool, England.Specific questions regarding times can be directed to District Court at 651-438-8141.If you have a crime-solving tip, please go to the Crime Stoppers website.To date, four children have been credited to the lady, although some of the claims have come from the children themselves.

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Area newspapers reported that Jane named the boy “Little Calamity.” A freighter named Evans recalled watching Jane smother the baby with kisses, calling him “Muzzie’s yittle snoozey [sic] darling.” Jane later told others that Little Calamity died.

Request for Proposals: Community Residential Services for Parole Reentry (RFP #1351) due May Response to Vendor Questions Apply for a Pardon, Executive Clemency Frequently Asked Questions DOC Annual Report While nearly half of the male inmates (48%) are in prison in SD for a violent crime, only 14-percent of female state prison inmates are serving time for a violent crime.

65-percent of female inmates are currently serving time for a drug offense.

Several sources, including Jessie, verify the child was born on October 28.

For the next several years, various witnesses saw Jane, who towed Jessie around with her as she drank her way across the west.

The information and court times listed are approximate.

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