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The audience didn't seem to laugh as much as I thought they would.This is not the same kind of film as Knocked Up and maybe people were expecting that. The ramifications and details have yet to be hammered out: Will we see the return of two briefcases, or will there be changes to the format and stipulations of the insanely popular ladder match?In addition to the co-branded Money in the Bank, WWE announced in mid-February that the remaining shows in the year would be co-branded.Our car park partners, Q-Park, offer one hour free parking when you visit us.The car park is located within five minutes' walk of the Crucible on Charles Street.Located opposite the Crucible on Tudor Square, the restaurant offers a full menu as well as drinks throughout the day.The Crucible Café will also be serving snacks inside the Crucible itself.

Why not take advantage of our VIP Package for the final sessions of the 2019 World Snooker Championship?

We offer a variety of discounts at hotels across the city.

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Left in Gorilla position in 2017 will be Great Balls of Fire (which turned out to be one of the best shows of the year, awful name aside) and once again nixing No Mercy.

This year, we see the return of the co-branded Money in the Bank as opposed to the "Smack Down"-exclusive show seen in 2017.

With the news that WWE is reducing its pay-per-view event schedule to a significantly more palatable 14 shows in 2018 — as opposed to the 16 shows we saw in 2017 — it's a good time for you to set aside some viewing time on Sunday nights.

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